1. In which Town or Suburb do you live?   (Answer required.)

2. Are you the Licensee of a Mooring Site Licence? (Swan and Canning Rivers)

3. Are you the Registered Owner of a Mooring Site? (Mangles Bay or elsewhere) 

4. Are you an Authorised User in the Swan, Canning, Mangles Bay?

5. Do you own a mooring site elsewhere in the State? (Not including Rottnest or Garden Island.)

6. What is the specific location of your mooring site? (Answer required.)

7. What is the maximum swing length of your mooring? 

8.        What is the registered hull length of your Boat?

9.           How long have you owned your mooring site?

10. Are you happy with the current form of the mooring regulations?

11. Are you happy with the way the current mooring regulations
     are managed by the DoT?

12. Have you had any problems in dealing with the DoT Mooring Office?

13. Are you satisfied with the service you receive from the Mooring Office?

14. Do you see a need for radical changes to the Mooring Regulations 1998?

15.  Do you see a need for radical changes to the  Shipping and Pilotage (MCA) Regulations 1983? 

16. What are the main changes, if any, that you would like to see made to either of the regulation sets?

17. What do you think is the approximate value or worth of your mooring site?        

18. Did you personally have your mooring apparatus installed?

19. Did you purchase an existing apparatus?

20. In total how much do you think you would spend on your
     mooring site annually including annual fees, mooring inspection
     reports, maintenance by contractors or yourself? 

21. How many months of the year would you use your mooring site?  

22. Do you have any authorised vessels registered to your mooring site?

23. If you do or were to allow others to use your site what would
     be a fair and reasonable contribution to your costs to cover
     wear and tear to your apparatus etc.?   

24. Have you ever had any trouble with unauthorised users of your mooring site?

25. If yes, what type of 'trouble' have you had with your mooring site?

26. Have you ever been required to contact DoT inspectors to have an
     unauthorised vessel removed from your mooring site?

27. What other problems have you had with your mooring site or apparatus?

28. Do you support the concept of a waiting list being introduced by the DoT
     to control the transfer of mooring site licences and registered mooring sites?

29. Do you agree that the DoT should nominate buyers for your mooring apparatus?

30. Do you wish to retain the ability to transfer your mooring site
     along with the sale of your current licensed vessel?

31. Do you want the ability to transfer your mooring site to a buyer
     of your mooring apparatus, without the sale of your current licensed
     vessel, reinstated as it was prior to Dec 2010?

32. Do you wish to retain the ability to nominate authorised users for your site?

33. Do you think that the DoT should create a system of rental moorings
     that will be solely operated by the DoT?

34. Do you think more Swan River Trust courtesy moorings should be established
     in the Swan and Canning Rivers?

35. Will you cooperate with a system of casual use of recreational
     moorings that will allow any boat owner, subject to boat length,
     the use your private mooring apparatus - free?

36. What problems do you see with a system of free casual use being
     implemented over all privately owned recreational moorings?

37. Please place any other comments about the DoT Mooring Regulation Review hereunder:

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Hopefully this survey will bring some sensibility into the discussions about the DoT proposals in their Mooring Regulations Review. Contributions are used for statistical analysis only. Some text responses may be used for discussion purposes.

(c) Western Australian Mooring Association (WAMA) (being incorporated)
November 2015
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